Saturday, 16 June 2018

Story-telling Part 1 The campfire.

On Friday morning I walked the fairy trail on my own, in readiness for today. It was magical, with dark demoiselle dragonflies, a family of ducks waddling across the path to the reedy lake and unseen fat frogs and warty toads plopping into the water as I approached.
The quiet camp-site was bathed in sunshine with a few tents and the tipi and bell tent standing in readiness for the crafting.
The kitchen area was swagged with colourful bunting.
 In the evening as the sun was going down, we arrived at the same area for the start of the story-telling weekend.
There were many more tents and some people, having just arrived, busy pitching up.
We made our way towards the therapy yurt where Tim had a magnificent campfire, complete with a massive tripod and trivet. Tim`s famous stew was bubbling away on top.
Everyone was tucking in and enjoying it very much.
 Some of the adventurous children collected dead wood from nearby and created a huge stock pile close to the fire. 
After collecting other children from the field, we all settled down to listen to Arthur`s stories.
As the smoke drifted off into the trees, Arthur`s story transported us into other realms.
The fire crackled, the marshmallows melted, some mouths were burned.

This looks like an exciting part of the story.
This young man was acting out parts.
(sorry its not a good picture)


Thanks Tim and Anne for a lovely evening and good food. 
 Thanks to Arthur for his great stories and thank goodness for perfect weather.

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