Sunday, 17 June 2018

Story-telling Part 3 The Fairy Trail

After a good long lunchbreak, which I spent in the toasty polytunnel with some of my family members, we walked down to start the fairy trail.
We weren`t sure how many people would join us but in the end we were a good crowd, setting off along the bottom of
the buttercup field. 
The story began by the willow tree with the sawn branch, where everyone received their wands and made the fairy promise.
 Then we crept past the bridge, in case we woke the troll.
Some brave children did spot some clues as they peered over the sides. Others were a bit scared even though they had their wands to help protect them.
Next we came to the weeping willow where the fairies now live.  
We pushed our way through the curtain of leaves.
We spotted a washing line full of fairy clothes, tiny windows and doors, a tiny golden staircase leading down into the old gnarled tree and some treasure hidden inside a hollow. 
Certainly a magical space.
Several children did not want to go near the witch`s hovel in case she was there. Braver ones peered inside and to our relief found that she was not at home.
The door was locked! 
We could spy spell books, potions, an old rocking chair, a fabulous pair of boots, elaborate dresses and even a frog, from the doorway.
 Next we activated our wands over-looked by the green man.
After seeing the goblin`s lair we made our way past the deep lake, looking for frogs, toads and dragonflies.
Closer to the garden we came to the fairy village.  

And petted the white horse, which actually might have been the unicorn that visits the farm sometimes.
In the garden, Paula and Anne were waiting with very welcome drinks and biscuits. 
  Everyone explored the garden .....
 the fairy yurt with its books and dressing up clothes
spending time watching the tortoises, feeding the rabbits  and guinea pigs
 spotting huge toads in the pond
making fairy gardens
decorating wands with glitter and shine
After a good wander round, everyone gathered in the fairy yurt with Mary, who had also come to tell stories.

Mums and dads continued to relax in the sunshine.
Here is Mary after her story telling.
All in all a lovely day with lovely people.
I had a great time.



  1. What fun! I would have loved this when I was little!

    1. Yes so would I. I try to remember that as I take children round the trail.