Sunday, 17 June 2018

Story-telling Part 2 Crafting Magic

 If anyone had told me that a four year old would be helping me set up the crafting equipment, I would never have believed them.
But help little Eva did and she seemed to enjoy every minute.
She told me that she likes to help in her nursery.
Here is little Eva making her jellyfish with Lyn`s help. 
Such an artistic little girl.
It was a perfect day, sunny but not too hot.
 I thought it was going to be hectic but in fact it was very relaxed and a real pleasure.
We had planned 6 activities. The week before, Anne, Paula and I spent a very pleasant afternoon crafting to our hearts` content in our garden room, trying out ideas and preparing the equipment. 
The children moved freely from one activity to the next.
It was lovely for us helpers to get to work with the children almost on a one to one basis.  
Time to talk to each other, try things out, learn how to use new tools and experiment with materials. 
In our tent we made caterpillars, jellyfish, shakers and 
painted stones.

Ellie`s shaker.
This "pineapple" fish was created by Arthur.
There were plenty of secret Fathers Day things going on.

This is Melissa ... not yet two years old but carefully replacing the felt pen lid.

 Here is George with his jellyfish.
This is Eva and Ellie working on their shakers.

 In the other tent it was dream-catchers and butterfly mobiles.

Outside Claire was doing facepainting.
We had two hour-long sessions with a snack break in between. 
The time went very quickly.
I was most impressed with the children .... their artistic ability, their imagination and their improvisation and ingenuity.
And they were all so very well-behaved. 
I enjoyed it very much indeed.
Here are the dreamcatchers.

(I do apologise if I have got any names wrong.)

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