Sunday, 17 November 2019

Mince Pies and Lemon Cake

Last Wednesday was a beautiful day for  finishing the fencing..
We began early and took our lunch.
The base of the next area was partially clear so the first two bits of fencing went in very quickly and in fact were done before our first teabreak.
We sat in the sunshine on the fairy yurt base and Rachel brought along the first mince pies of the year .... yummy .... to keep us going. 
I carried on coming along the bottom of the new fencing stapling chicken wire to the gravel boards, overlaying with old carpet and spreading the chipped bark. 

Near the polytunnel where we sit on good days for breaks, I began to lay some old paving slabs. This is because the chair legs often disappear down rabbit holes .... quite a shock with tea in your hand.

I didn`t sit still for long over lunch because the next area along the fence line needed nettles digging out.
Anne and I had tackled a lot of this in the morning.
The area is riddled with rabbit holes, some so big they must be badger homes.

The last piece of fence was in before 1.30 and we celebrated with Paula`s lemon cake.
She came along to lend a hand as well.
William has been a great help in this project  especially with hole digging. Thank you.

Many thanks too, to my nephew Toby, for the free fencing.
It looks amazing. Transforming.

Now there`s just the liitle job of matching the neatness of the newly fenced area with the compost area!!!! Long over-due.


Bit worried about what we may find hibernating here. 

This garden produces so much waste I`m not sure what number of compost heaps would ever match up. We`ve not got it right as yet.
That`s one of the big jobs off our rather extensive autumn list.



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