Sunday, 10 November 2019

Scarecrow Party?

We have had some lovely November weather so far with most of the heavy rain coming at night.
This has been great for the fencing.
Here it is so far.
 Still to go.
But our last two visits have been to clear flowerbeds and prepare for the next lot of fencing.
I am so pleased to have cleared the flowerbeds at long last.
It is a rough cutting back as its really too wet to do much more.
I will leave that til spring.

 The path is clear as well.

Seeing as we have had the first frost, I thought it was time to cut back the dahlias.
I did two lots so there are still quite a few to go.
These will positively be the last bunch.
The polytunnel is not exactly clear as yet because tomatoes and peppers are still growing.

 But I just made enough space for the first tubers.

Lots more to come inside as yet.

So far I have rediscovered 8 of the 20 stone ladybirds.
 Janet`s lovely painted fairy is in for the winter.
Around her myriads of ipomea seedlings.

The toadstool population is popping up all over.

And finally I don`t know what the scarecrows have been up to but it looks like it might have been fun.



  1. Those scarecrows! Must be something to do with Halloween :-)

  2. We thought it was hilarious. Poor Dr Who will need a revamp next year.