Monday, 25 November 2019

Christmas Preparations

In the lead up to Christmas, us crafters are very busy.
What a lot of fun we are having checking out lovely ideas on Pinterest and trying things out.
In between there are strange requests from my 6 year old nephew, for Robin Hood fingerless gauntlets.
Well its not so strange really. He knows I will have a go at any of his myriad creative ideas. I had to laugh when he let me know that he didn`t expect that it was something I could do on the evening he asked me. Just as well. It is a project that I am making up as I go along. No pictures as yet. 

Next weekend we are off to Leicester for a Christmassy few days of making, cooking and doing. Very excited.

It will be Advent on Sunday so lots of preparations for that .... presents to wrap, last minute bits and pieces to make and buy.

Our family advent celebrations began more than 40 years ago with count down calendars made with matchboxes ... a tiny present in each one.
This year my brother has revived the old tradition. The boys made their own with me, a couple of weeks ago. I think the boxes are being filled with bits of new Lego.
We`ve had a bit of a fairy theme going on with a sprinkling of snowmen.
And this is the start of my next elves.

Here is a palm-sized crochet elf I really enjoyed making.
And these are the snowmen.

I have loved making these sets.
They are quick and easy.
Its the tiny finishing touches I like the best.
Some felt Christmas trees.
This is a mistletoe cushion.
And I have been experimenting with home-made wreaths.
We are hoping to make these bases at the next village coffee morning. We will be collecting some holly and ivy and any other greenery, then people can add their own bits and pieces to make them more individual at home.
Plenty going on and plenty to plan for..


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