Friday, 7 February 2020

Dahlias: What`s Not to Love

Well it might seem odd to think about dahlias now but in February we sometimes need to look ahead, not just for the biggest choice but because we need cheering up in the gloom of February.
(Having said that, today was glorious and primroses and celandines are blooming in the lane.)

Now is the time to find the best range of dahlia tubers for sale, in the garden centres. Pick the fattest, healthiest ones and don`t be afraid to take all the packets off the hooks til you find them. At home you need to open the packets and keep them frost-free.

Not all the following pictures will have names but I will do my best .... I always keep the packaging. But I may get some wrong.

Twynings Smartie and Darkarin


All from seed and they produced good tubers.




Here is my dahlia bed at home in October last year, with a healthy smattering of Michaelmus daisies.
And here is a trug full of dahlias from Freshwinds Garden.
Notwithstanding the dozens and dozens of dahlia tubers currently over-wintering in the greenhouses, I am not averse to the call of new ones to try.

 And no doubt a few more will be added before planting time.
Easy to grow and they look fabulous.
With warmer winters we may be able to leave them in the ground soon, instead of lifting them each year. 
Why not try some this year.


  1. They do make a beautiful show. I look forward to being able to leave them in the ground to over-Winter!

  2. Your ground should be well-drained or they will rot in the wet.