Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Red Roses and Toasty Tunnels

We may have had some pretty bad weather lately, 
with Storm Ciara and cold winds. But today more than made up for it. What a glorious sunny day.
There was still a chilly wind but I was soon sweating due to 5 round barrow trips for chipped bark, which is in the furthest farm yard.
After a tea-break, I lifted the carpet in the polytunnel to reveal the tunnels beneath. 
 Luckily we haven`t fallen down the holes because the carpet is spread over the top.
I chopped the soil level, relaid the carpet and spread new chipped bark. It looks very smart.

Of course it was toasty in the polytunnel, so my other job was there too. One of the scarecrows is having a make-over, or perhaps I should say ..... reincarnation.
The clothes are sorted and the materials for the head are spread out on the floor ready to start tonight.
I will post a blog entry on how I do it, at a later date.

Some signs of spring.
Tiny buds of forgetmenots
and helleborus.
In the meantime Steve was busy putting in two posts to complete the long fence.
At home we had a good rest in the garden room before embarking on our job list.
Steve completed our new greenhouse which is very exciting.
At the end of the day, my Valentine present arrived .... a bit early .... but nothing stays secret in this house for long.
I am very happy.
Happy Valentine`s Day everyone.





  1. Your polytunnel does look very homely for a cold sunny February day

  2. Yes it really was the best place to be. Been in for three days now!!! Can't wait to get outside again, though lots of clearing out jobs going on at home.