Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Mabel`s Makeover

Many years ago I used to visit a delightful nursery called Rats Castle, just outside Battle. I was often on my way to see my sister Lee who lived in Netherfield.
At the back of their huge polytunnel, a jasmine grew. On warm days, when in flower, the jasmine filled the air with exquisite perfume.
My idea was to replicate this experience in our own polytunnel.
A couple of years ago, with this in mind, I planted a jasmine there, with high hopes.
But all we got was incredible growth (with no flowers) above and below ground with twining shoots twisting round chairs and tables,  ..... until it became a nuisance.
Today it came out.
This left the side of the polytunnel clear.
Paula and I replaced the chipped bark.
In the meantime Steve continued with the last bit of fencing.
He also screwed on Mabel`s new head.
Paula and I struggled to dress her but of course it was so much easier with articulated arms.

Here she is in all her glory.
She won`t be venturing out for a while.
The new birdboxes are ready to go up at a later date.
Exciting purchases today in the local Aldi ....
gladioli, crocosmia and iris ....
all £1.49 a packet.
Excellent value.
And here is the next one who needs a pretty desperate make-over.

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