Saturday, 29 February 2020

Button Bonanza and Bunnies

Here we are on the last day of February. 11 of those days have been spent indoors due to the weather.
This is unusual.
So lots of clearing out going on round here.

One of my tasks this week was the button box .... in a bit of a mess. Now my button box is unlike my Mum`s or my Gran`s.
Mum had an old round sweet tin and Gran actually did have a box. I loved rummaging in them, sorting by colour, size etc.
My button box is a large plastic storage box, containing even more boxes. Each box is a colour.

And yes I do have a lot of buttons.
Over a year they do get a bit muddled.

I really enjoyed myself.
As I did it, I had a LOT of crafty ideas which included cards, crochet flowers with a button centre, bracelets, earrings etc.
I even tried some out.
 Later I made a lot more.
 This afternoon I made some cards .

They are in sequence.
(The baby bunnies tails need to be improved.)
My other latest bunnies are made from the fabric samples I was given.
They will be suitable for babies.
Let`s hope there is a decent break in the weather in March.


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