Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Feverfew and Flea Beetles

The light was incredible this afternoon at Freshwinds. 
Tim was busy shearing sheep in the barn. They tumbled out into the field looking pristine
in short, very white coats.
I put up new strings to support the growth on the tomatoes and Steve completed the raised bed on the left side of the polytunnel. We roasted! and had to come out for air.
I am levelling the sitting area, stamping it down as I go.
When we had our very welcome teabreak, we were inundated by flea beetles which seemed to be attracted to my bright green t.shirt. They were crawling everywhere!!

We enclosed one bed with rabbit wire.....the onions.

I picked a bunch of flowers for my niece Hazel.

I tried to protect the raspberries with more netting.


The daisies were striking against the grey skies.

The frothy feverfew in the herb garden has been lovely.

The cornflowers are thick and luscious and the perenniel bed is filling out well considering the activities of the rabbits.

The hops are spreading across the grass until they find somewhere to climb.

The tubs by the loo
are beginning to fill out.

Not long til the barn dance now...12th July.
The barn is nearly clear.

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