Sunday, 15 June 2014

Strawberry Friday

 The rabbit problem surely can`t get any worse....
.....we found all the newly planted cabbage plants (Romanesque and summer brocolli)
completely eaten away, even the maturing ones.
And if you can`t see them, it`s because there aren`t any left.

They were covered in fleece secured at the edges. How did they get in? There are no holes in the middle.
It is such a waste of time and effort. The trouble is we are running out of replacements.
Anne has some ideas up her sleeve.
Watch this space.

On Friday evening we went to the garden quite late in the afternoon. I laid carpet and spread old chipped bark just outside the polytunnel. We have left a large space here for access.
Steve continued to work on the sedum roof.

Anne invited us to barbeque with them at the little house.
We sat on the decking until the sun went down at 9.15. 
What a spot Tim and Anne have chosen for this tiny home!
It is perfect inside with pretty curtains, fitted furniture and a sofa covered with a blue throw.

We had strawberries for pud, some of which came from the garden.

Paula made herself comfy in the star-gazing chair.

On Saturday the orphan lambs were released into the field for the first time.
I wonder what they felt as they explored, with the grass under their hooves

Two varieties of cucumber fattening up.
They obviously like the heat.

 Paula weeded the courgettes and French beans. At least they are intact. 
Let`s hope I haven`t spoken too soon.

Steve created one of the middle raised beds. Anne and I filled it with manure 
and lovely soil from the farmyard.

The tomatoes are really starting to benefit from the manure and deep planting. The tops are noticeably a deeper green.

 We moved the dahlias in front of the tunnel for a splash of colour. 
Don`t know if they will survive a move in June.

And finally, my newest nephew Frazer came for breakfast with his mum and dad last week.
It was such a lovely day we sat in the garden to eat.

My brother James, has celebrated his first ever Father`s Day with Frazer and Julia today.

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