Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Marvellous Marrakesh

I remember Marrakesh 1970......the souks, the youth hostel, the square and the people we met.
Our very last full day and our last morning were spent here.
We set off at 9.30 a.m and got back to the hotel at 9.30 p.m.
What a day we had!
We began with a rather rushed tour of the souks and square with a different guide. We didn`t enjoy it much but it did give us an idea of the layout.
We visited a Berber apothecary to learn about the different herbs and medicines used.
That included some fascinating uses for nigella seeds.
Paula and I both had a mini shoulder massage which we enjoyed and we purchased argan oil face cream and saffron, as well as different herbs and spices.
I had a henna design on my hand. 


I would have loved to bring one of the coloured lamps home, but couldn`t manage it in my hand luggage as well as the bowls.

At lunchtime we went to a third storey restaurant for a meal. It overlooked the square.


From here we had a great view of the people in the square.

Two of the girls in our party went off to the hamman for massage and scrub treatments and we set off as a group to explore on our own. We bought our lovely bowls and I got myself a green wrap.

We discovered the wool market....well we were led there by a very enthusiastic young man.
It was much smaller than I remembered.

We went to another restaurant for drinks......

......watched the square fill up.

 After that we wandered round the square 
where Jade, ended up in the middle of a circle with two birds on her head!!
Paula had her boots polished....

.......and got rid of the Saharan sand.
We bought dates and salted almonds which were delicious.

We met up for our goodbye meal with Ibrahim at one of the temporary restaurants in the actual square. He was a great guide, full of a love for his country and able to answer my most obscure questions. He gave us all a Marrakesh keyring.
Finally the three of us hired a horse and carriage to take us back to the Imilchil Hotel.


The Koutoubiya Mosque.

What an incredible day!

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