Friday, 13 March 2015

Spring at Freshwinds

The following photos have been taken over a number of days but I think they give a good idea of how spring has arrived at Freshwinds Garden.

The weather has been lovely. We`ve enjoyed warm sunshine, but a cool breeze.
 The bees are out and about finding early nectar.

As we left the garden a few days ago, I watched in amusement as one of the pigs, ran pell mell down the field towards Rosie and Alice. They held their ground til the last moment, realising the pig meant business. I don`t know what startled him.
This photo was taken after the incident.

My nephew, Alex, brought us a great load of chipped bark, with which we are very pleased.
We`ve already begun spreading it.

The pond needs some work but I will have to borrow some waders. I pulled out some blanket weed from the edges. Today I dropped in some barley straw in a pair of tights. 
It looks a bit bizarre..... a purple Loch Ness monster.

Even though a lot needs clearing, the waterlilies are still beginning to shoot.

The bed nearest the polytunnel has been edged with boarding, raked down
 and planted up with onion sets.

I think this photo may be confusing at first glance but it shows that the rabbits have been up on the insect hotel and dug holes!!!!! Whatever are they trying to find.

 One mystery to solve.....what is causing these quite regular holes?
Is it mice?

In the lane the primroses are looking so beautiful in the last of the sunshine.
The quintessential flower of early spring hedgerows and banks.

The sheep wait patiently in the shelter of the barn for the lambing time
 which begins on the 20th this month.
Tim is preparing as much as he can before the rush.

The calving is well under way. This mother was cajoling her new calves 
to get onto their feet with an encouraging nudge.

I have made some new herb labels. I was sorry to have to discard the ones I made from cedar with pyrographed letters but once the foliage grew up they were obscured from view.

I made them from the branches that made our alternative Christmas recycled twice.
They are taller.

On Sunday we hope to make a start on the area at the entrance of the garden.
It contains a lot of rubble, nettle roots and brambles!!!
Happy Spring Days.


  1. It's looking very good Jen. Myself and James are looking forward to our visit next weekend and shall be there ready to get stuck in and help with the lambing. See you soon x x x

    1. We look forward to seeing you then. Are you staying in the little house?

    2. We will be staying in the Shepherd's Hut (very fitting for the occasion) There are people staying in the little house next weekend though x x x

  2. The first mystery may be weasels - we get quite a lot. The second mystery is why you threw a stuffed pair of purple tights into your pond? The cattle look very much like ours - is it a South Devon Bull?...or an Angus? We don't start lambing till April Fool's Day

    1. Thank you Joanne. There are stoats in the lane. The barley straw will produce chemicals as it rots down and these chemicals discourage blanket weed from growing.
      I will Check with Tim about the cattle as I`m not sure.