Friday, 6 March 2015

Quad Biking in Ouarzazate

I have never been quad biking before and I may never go again......
but what I can say is, that it would be very difficult to ever to find anything that measures up to this particular experience. Therefore I don`t mind if I never do it again because I will remember this for the rest of my life.

Paula and I signed up for this excursion and had to get up quite early to do it.
I suppose I was a bit nervous, mainly wondering if I could manage to ride it but we were together on one bike and Paula was more confident.
In the event it was VERY easy, though the steering was quite heavy.
At the base, we were very patiently kitted out with scarves, helmets and gloves.

We had a good run-through of the controls and the first 10 minutes was fairly slow, in order for everyone to be sure of what they were doing.
Then we were off.......
....were we excited?


First stop, the old film studios.....

.......many films have been made here......."Gladiator," "The Kingdom of Heaven" 
and "Lawrence of Arabia."

We had been warned of the dust but it actually wasn`t too bad due to recent rain and the surrounding areas were pale green. The High Atlas Mountain range was our continuous stunning backdrop.
What a landscape for quad biking and what freedom!!

We were accompanied by a leader and an out-rider on a trial bike the whole time 
and they sorted out any problems.

We had a fantastic time and took turns in driving/riding. It wasn`t easy to take photos and film and certainly the more daring exploits needed both hands to hold on.
So this film is a bit tame but gives a good feel for what it was like.

After an hour, we stopped on a higher plateau and low and behold tea and snacks were produced, brought by yet another rider. It was a great idea and we were ready for it.

After another hour of great fun, we reluctantly returned to base where we were 
dusted down with an airline. Ha ha. It was pretty effective.

The whole experience was brilliant and I wouldn`t have missed it for anything.

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