Thursday, 11 June 2015

Fairy Bunting

Well I had to laugh when I saw Flash Harry in his own little house when we visited the garden today.
He had all those different options but chose his first house.
Later on I did see him exploring a bit.

After going round once he disappeared into his own house once more.

The foxgloves are lovely....such a magical flower.

But the rabbits got under the net curtains and have decapitated some sunflowers.

Anne has 84 geranium plugs for the garden. They need to be planted soon.

Back at home the little fairy house is in situ.
 It is a joint effort between me and Steve.

We added the log steps and the tiny arch.

A tiny scarecrow.

And some fairy bunting using the tiny samples from Joanne.
(I knew I would use them one day.)

Here is the fairy garden in its hidden corner.


  1. Every few years I get a real yearning for a tortoise - I feel one coming again. Love the fairy house - and the bunting (ha!) - you need to put a mirror in somewhere - I'm very into outdoor mirrors at the moment.

    1. They are quite expensive and have to be authenticated.....origin etc. Last year when we told a Greek couple how much they were to buy they were very surprised. Yes I have some mirror tiles and would love to use them.....don`t want it to be too obvious that they are mirrors though.

  2. Aah, I love the close-up of Flash's face! Those pesky bunnies . Your hidden faerie house will make an exciting find for someone!

    1. There are several children coming to our garden opening on Sunday and they will enjoy seeing the changes.

  3. Glad to see the pics of Flash Harry. I expect he'll take a while to get used to the changes. Keep us informed.
    I love the fairy garden and house. What are the little blue flowers? They look really pretty.

  4. He ignored the strawberry and dandelion I gave him today. In fact the strawberry was trampled underfoot.
    Would he really be so disdainful of one with a slug hole in?
    The blue flowers are phlox I think. Most of the plants are for rockeries.