Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Elusive Cuckoo

A delightful June afternoon at Freshwinds, hot, no wind and so peaceful.
In the distance the gentle hum of the tractor cutting the hay in the lower field near the camping field,
the very welcome sound of the cuckoo at long last....the first one I have heard this year.... and the occasional braying of Rosie and Alice.

Some campers came through with a tandem bicycle and a small carriage on the back.
The couple with 20 month old Fleur, had been to Rye and Winchelsea for a visit.
 They were from Switzerland.
We had a lovely chat in the sunshine whilst Fleur enjoyed the animals and explored the cob shed.
They are staying in the shepherd`s hut.
The mad rush of planting is over but I still had a large tray of odd plants to put in.
These included parsley, thyme, coriander, two fuchsias, some cucumbers, melons and peppers.
Steve put in more climbing beans and purple sprouting brocolli.

 I set to and weeded the leeks and later the carrots and beetroot.
We had a yellow carrot in our salad this evening.

From the leek bed I had good views on all sides.

 I noticed the sweetpeas are budding up.
Can`t wait for the first bunches.
Think they grow a few inches every day.

The willow arch is in dire need....Paula usually weaves this for us.
It doesn`t even look like an arch.

The two new gooseberries are doing well.
If only I could grow gooseberries like my Granny Magan!!

The asparagus bed is romping away. We noticed asparagus beetles on it recently.
We have underplanted with pennyroyal. It is a companion plant and we hope
 it will keep these pesky insects away.

This bed is literally packed with bedding and remaining intact due to the new fencing which is not quite so obvious as the curtain nets.

Flash Harry has a pot of geraniums of his own now, thanks to Anne.

The little nursery is packed.

Two views of the mown field looking west.

Gandalf in his cob corner is watching over the mimulus growing on the edge of the pond.

And Hollie the scarecrow, is watching over the alstromeria which is just about to burst open.

We were home quite late but not too late for a very welcome Pimms
 (with home-grown strawberry)
in the garden.

A celebration for my 300th blog entry.


  1. It all looks stunning - everything in our garden is really stunted - because of the wind and very cold nights, I think.....still, hopefully it will come right in the end.

  2. Yes I have noticed the cold mornings. Only two breakfasts outdoors so far this year. Trouble is for the week we are away we have to leave the greenhouses open.

  3. It looks fantastic Jen, all of your hard work is obvious to see. And such a transformation from years ago. I can't wait until everything begins to flower, it will look gorgeous x x x

    1. Thank you Gemma. When are you visiting again? Are you coming to the garden opening on 2nd. August?

  4. Cheers! A well deserved toast to a fantastic garden and a very interesting blog. Your sweet peas are going to be lovely.