Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Melon Surprise

Dirty fingernails and nettle-stung ankles....I must be home.
I have made three visits to the garden since we came back, but today, I got a really good surprise.
It has been a baking hot day with temperatures in 30`s.
The polytunnel was like an oven. I had to have breaks from working in there.
But I was determined to sort out the melons.
 I read up about melon growing as I haven`t done it for some time.
I had to untangle the growth and choose 2 or 3 shoots and tie them to stakes.....
well, recycled gazebo poles!!
The results were a bit Heath Robinson.

As I sorted through the amazing growth, removing some side shoots, I found this....tennis ball sized.

As you can see, I have rested this precious fruit on straw.
And it`s not the only one.
The polytunnel is starting to fill out.

Even the tomatoes are beginning to ripen.

The pumpkins and courgettes have doubled in size in a week.

The gooseberries are fattening up.

Two new ladies and one new baby.

 Lots of lovely veg coming.

And a meal of our own harvested veggies (apart from the mayonnaise.)

With strawberries to follow.

Something to gladden the heart.....

......and a job for next time.


  1. Wow! What a lot of stuff. You will be feasting every day.

  2. It is certainly keeping you busy and out of trouble :) x x x

  3. Well we haven`t quite got to the time when it takes us half an hour to sort everything out when we get home.