Friday, 5 June 2015

Jenny Wrens and Exciting Plans

Yesterday evening, after a lovely summer`s day, we met up at the garden to discuss the Pickham Farm Open Garden which will be in August. 

We wandered through the garden, deciding where everything would be set up and ended up at the little house for a barbeque. 

There were views to the shepherd`s hut and beyond.

It was delightful and we sat there til gone ten, watching the sun set across the fields.

We got on very well with the planning.
The open garden will be for Farm Africa.

Today has been very busy but we spent the afternoon at the garden.
I found myself with enough sweetpeas to make another two wigwams.
I planted them because I was worried I would run out, after the mice got nearly 
half my plants back in the spring.

Tim was about to saw some old fencing up for firewood but he has let us have some for the more permanent wire fence round the beds. Steve began with the lavender bed today.

I set to and weeded the hornbeam hedge then spread chipped bark underneath. 
I was ably assisted by two year old Tuuli who had arrived in the afternoon with her mum and dad.
They are yurting for the weekend with friends.
They were all excited to see the animals, watch for frogs and explore the garden and farmyard.

The elderflowers are at their best. Paula picked some last night to make her delicious elderflower champagne. We had some last year for our anniversary celebration.

Ian and Tracey have been growing sunflowers .....lovely plants.
They will be making money for the opening.

Anne was very excited to show us what she found under the old yurt cover.
It was a nest of Jenny Wrens. There are four babies in the nest just about to fledge.
They are so cute.
I was remembering how the robin had two sets of babies in Gandalf`s hair last year.

Altogether a lovely afternoon.


  1. Oh! Those little Jenny wrens - baby ones must be tiny! What a lovely day!

    1. Well its difficult to see from the pictures just how big they are and I didn`t stand there too long as worried the mum would be wanting to come back.

  2. What a lovely day. The campfire barbeque is great. I love eating outdoors. Glad to see garden and wild life thriving.

    1. The garden opening is 2nd August. I expect you will have moved by then. There is a campsite as well as yurts and shepherd`s hut.

  3. It looks as though you have 5 babies there, so sweet :) x x x