Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Fairy Garden

Several years ago, we created a fairy garden.
Here it is in 2013.

Many children have stood in front to find all fairies, mainly courtesy of Past Times.
There have been swings and arches, tiny pathways and toadstools, a tiny house and a small hillock.

Steve made the special a large flat trough but square.
I thought it was about time for a change so I emptied  it and Steve repaired the base. On the whole it has lasted well.

Next I did quite a bit of research on Pinterest, pinning many ideas on my board.
This is the picture that inspired me most.

I printed it off and have had it pinned up, to keep it in my mind.
But it has been a long time coming to fruition due to all our other projects.

Steve did the wooden slats at the back using larch log sides.
I lined these with plastic and filled with ordinary garden soil.
I have been collecting small rockery plants for some time and I`ve grown pennyroyal from seed.

In the pound shop I bought wooden labels and bamboo slats.
I kept many things from the previous time, like these three foxes which are actually pot feet.

Pennyroyal dotted around with glass pebbles.

Here is one of my fairies alongside an Ent which is a joss stick burner. I found it at a boot fair.

This is the top section.

Two more of my fairies.

This is the bamboo fence. There are roof tiles behind to hold the soil in.

And this is the overall effect so far.
There are a greater variety of plants this time and right up in the top corner
there will be a new tiny house.

The old one is a little bit past it.

Here is an idea for a new one that I really like.

But I also like this idea.

When the next stage is complete, I will post it as a new blog entry.

(See blog entry called Fairy Bunting)


  1. I love it! That is the sort of garden I would like to make. Maybe I will make one in a corner of our new garden. The old house looks saveable. Couldn't it be their garden shed or stable?

    1. I think it goes back to making fairy gardens in old biscuit tins when we were children....competitions for fetes etc. These days you can actually buy a kit to make one and Hazel has done it witj Macie. It was lovely and lasted quite a while. I might find a little corner for the old house down at the plot.